Behavioral Science

You don’t understand! Let me start over.

Do you face situations in your life when you feel people don’t understand what you say? Did you ever feel ‘Its so simple why can’t he understand’?

You must have come across situations where you ‘clicked’ with someone else very easily. Similarly there must have been other situations where you couldn’t stop yourself from strangling people while making a point. The difference between both the above situations is simply that you were able to communicate with ease in the first case where as in the second you couldn’t with all your intelligence and vocabulary. So does this mean there is no single successful way for you to communicate with people?

People are different, each person is so unique in his own way. But does that mean we need to have multiple approaches to deal with every single person we transact with?  But that would mean a communication style of its own to interact with each and every single person; not an ideal proposition.

Although people are unique they can be grouped into segments with similar communication preferences and styles. People with similar styles gel very easily while people with opposite styles never seem to get along. If you are somebody who like straight talk think about all those people in your life who recite all of Illiad before bringing up the subject. If you are one of those who like to have all the facts think about people who advise you without the complete understanding of the situation.

We can’t just leave situations where you have to make it work with people of the later kind(if only life was so simple). Think of any person in your life with whom you want a better rapport but every-time you communicate with each other neither of you get anywhere.

Fret not, there is hope. The importance of efficient communication both in professional and personal lives is paramount. You have to take a three step approach when it comes to interacting with people for better relationships and understanding with each other.

Step 1: Who are you?

Every journey begins with self. First of all you should understand what kind of a person you are. This gives you awareness about your communication style, its strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2: Who is he/she?

Empathize with the other person. Understand which style of communication does he use.

Step 3: Style-Flexing

Adjust your style with some minor conscious changes to be a little more efficient in your communication.



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