Behavioral Science

Who are you?


The first step to solve these kind of problems is knowing who you are. What kind of a person are you? What is your preferred style of communication? Do you like straight talk or rapport building discussions? Do you like to convince people or just order them around?

In order to know who you are do the following activity. Given below are two lists. In every row are two adjectives, tick the box adjacent to the adjective that you think describes you best among the pair.

  • Leave no row un-ticked
  • Just pick one from each row
  • Be honest

sociability indicator

dominance indicator

Now the first table is a sociability indicator, count the number of ticks on the right hand side of the table. This is your sociability score. A score of 7 is the benchmark of a person who is pretty balanced on sociability. People with less than 7 tend to be introverts while people with scores greater than 7 are extroverts.

The second table is a dominance indicator, again count the number of ticks on the right hand side of the table to get your dominance score. Similar to the above table a score of 7 represents a balanced score. High score on dominance indicator as the name suggests represent a dominating behavior. While high scorers tends to take control low scorers like to give away control.

Now that you have both the scores lets move into a little more detail. Click here

P.S: An excel version of the indicators can be downloaded here.


6 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. It’s a very interesting post. I’ve tried filling in this kind of personality test but I always have a problem with at least some of the choices when the poles are opposites. I do understand that the idea is to say on balance where you most lean towards, but I still would find it difficult, especially if people were planning to draw conclusions from my answers.

    For example I am serious and light hearted. I often confuse people by flicking quickly from serious to joking and back again. I imagine that most other people feel the same, but I’m not sure. Do you find it easy to make choices from a list like this?


    1. Serious and Light hearted are polar opposites but I do understand that no person can be serious or light hearted all the time. The important thing to notice in the table is all those questions start with ‘I percieve MYSELF as’…. So you have to take a call on whether you are more serious or more light hearted.
      I also faced problems answering some of the questions Cautious & Risk-taking was a couple that was tough to take a call on. Then I tried to remember the last time I was cautious or took a risk, if I remembered a risk taking incident then I percieve myself as a risk taker based on recall.


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