What was? As-is and To-Be

On the second day of my visit to my old campus in Kolkata for a reunion, I observed something about me that left me surprised. I have always considered myself as a person who is easily satisfied with the ‘as-is’ or ‘status-quo’ of my life at any give point in my life. I was back in the place I loved and spent what I consider were the best two years of my life. It was a reunion organized for alumni who graced the campus 25 years ago but we who have graduated from the institute in March last year also planned to have our own reunion that day. All around me were people who were classmates, poker buddies and wingies.

Simply put I was back in time by an year, but this time I don’t have classes to attend to or courses to worry about. I imagined about this experience and thought I will be happy and blissful to be back in time but it was not the case. What has changed?

I am out in the real world on my own with my adult life in front of me waiting to unfold. I realized I was too young to be nostalgic, too early to celebrate. Looking at people who were where I am today 25 years ago sparked a fire inside me. A curiosity regarding the future, new found energy and ambition looking at what 25 years could mean in terms of achievement. I was impatient to get back to my real-life, my pre-held notion of complacency with as-is; shook to its core. All around me were people like me with their own ways and dreams of changing the world.

My learning from this experience is simply that we are not wired to be OKAY with AS-IS. We are not wired to spend too much time on being nostalgic about What Was?

The simple truth of life is, its always about envisioning a To-Be and the journey towards realizing it garnished with moments of nostalgia and happiness.

Here’s a small video I worked on an year ago that might help you get that much needed feeling of nostalgia¬†Video.


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