There is an innate need for improvement that drives each one of us, we want to be better than what we were yesterday. Learning is the only way to achieve this improvement. Learning about ourselves is as or more important than learning about the world around us. Every-day of our life is a lesson in itself, either teaching us something new or reinforcing/contradicting our knowledge. Sharing these experience with each other and discussing about them helps the society at large.

This blog is a collection of such daily learnings either through conventional or experiential basis. We encourage active discussion on the posts since learning is a collective process.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Santosh. I couldn’t get the who are you link to work. It must be pretty interesting to know why people think what they think, what drives them and how to interact with each person.
    I am just curious, do you think a person could spend his whole life role-playing and span all the categories you mentioned?

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    1. Hi Bill,
      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I have published the Who are you? article in private by mistake. Please try again now. It should work. Lets discuss your comment there.


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